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What and Where Can I Pay with My Benefits?

What and Where Can I Pay with My Benefits?

Use your benefit points in bookstores, opticians, pharmacies, laboratories (not only for covid-19 testing) and stomatologies. Do you prefer to shop safely from your home? Check the e-shop list at www.edenred.cz. Select product filter "Edenred Benefits" and the "List of e-shops" link appears directly above the Search button. As the situation is changing constantly, don't forget to always check the method of payment and the availability of the service by phone or email from its supplier before you go shopping.

Body and Health Care

With your benefits you can pay for new glasses, dental hygiene, teeth whitening, reflexology, treatments to remove cellulite, removal of the birthmark with a laser or buy a voucher for the Wim Hof Methods workshop supporting immunity. You pay for a visit to nutrition or pregnancy counceling center, purchase of a dental implant or laboratory tests (f.ex.COVID-19 test). .Further tips on applying health care benefits can be found in the search engine at edenred.cz, onFirmanazazitky.cz or Slevomat.cz in the Beauty, Health and Relaxation section.

Where can I pay with paper vouchers?

In the search engine on edenred.cz, select a location and enter the name of the vouchers you want to use as a search filter. We have also launched a map of walk-up windows, so you can easily find the restaurants that operate even during anti-covid measures. As the situation is constantly changing, we recommend verifying the possibility of paying with paper meal vouchers with a specific partner in advance. Didn't find an establishment where you would spend your paper vouchers? Send them to Slevomat.cz and extend the validity of your benefits until the conditions for drawing them are more favorable. Follow instruction here.

Take Care of Your Mental Health. You Are Not Alone!

Every stressful situation adversely affects your physical health and reduces your immunity. Our partner Mojra.cz is the first online psychological counseling center in the Czech Republic, providing psychological counseling via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, by phone or email. Over twenty experts from various fields of psychology is prepared to give consultations in English, German, Polish, French and Spanish. Their motto: no problem is small enough not to deserve a solution. Use your benefit card for payment. When entering the "EDENRED" discount code, you have a 10% discount on call and email consultations and gift vouchers.

Holidays, Accommodation, Experiences and Courses

The purchase of holidays, accommodation, cultural and sports experiences or courses is still possible, you just need to monitor the possibility of drawing on a specific date and destination. As the situation changes quickly, you can transfer your points to the credit system of our partners Slevomat.cz, Travelking.cz, or buy a gift voucher at eHotel.cz, Spa.cz, or Slevomat.cz . You will extend the validity of your benefits by up to 12 months and use them when the existing constraints are released.

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