Ticket Service

What is Ticket Service?

Ticket Service is a universal voucher for the payment of the subsistence allowance under Section 43(4) of Act No 111/2006 on assistance in material difficulty. Vouchers are used to purchase basic living needs, such as food, personal hygiene products, clothing and footwear. Vouchers can be used only in the contractual network of Ticket Service system shops.

Benefits of voucher systems for public institutions.

  • An effective cost management tool for benefits granted in cases of material difficulty
    A transparent way of distributing benefits to the needy which also enables monitoring of the use of the subsistence allowance.
  • A rise in the positive perception of the public institutions’ operations and the way they provide social support
    Vouchers ensure targeted use of funds distributed for welfare purposes and limit potential abuse.
  • Time saved on paperwork can be put to better use in professional activities
    The operator is responsible for the production of Ticket Service vouchers, the formation of a partner network, a system for the redemption of vouchers and the necessary statistical outputs. The staff of institutions assisting those in material difficulty are therefore relieved of challenging administration and can fully focus on their professional work with clients.
  • Elimination of the risks associated with payment of a cash allowancei
    Compared to cash, Ticket Service vouchers pose a much lower security risk both in handling and storage. What is more, with personalized envelopes there is no contact with individual vouchers.
  • Savings in the funding channelled into the welfare system
    The voucher system diminishes the lure of benefits for applicants intent on misusing the funds. Based on overviews of voucher use, funds relating to vouchers which have been issued but not used are returned to the designated authorities.
  • A smoothly operating network of shops tailored to the needs of benefit providers
    The partner network created by Edenred complies with the contracting authority’s requirements in such a way as to optimize affordability for beneficiaries while guaranteeing the correct use of vouchers. By training shop staff and conducting regular checks, the operator ensures that Ticket Service vouchers are accepted in accordance with the set rules.
  • The quality of the production, distribution and redemption of Ticket Service vouchers is underscored by ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Benefits of voucher systems for voucher holders

  • Dignified assistance on an equal footing
    The vouchers are held in high regard by the needy because of their association with mass-used meal vouchers. The discreetness of the vouchers maintains the dignity of voucher holders, who can choose goods from a given group according to their needs and preferences in selected partner establishments.
  • Funding for the purchase of everyday food and basic toiletries
    In troubled families, where, for example, one of the parents is addicted to alcohol, gaming machines, etc.
  • Effective expert assistance provided by social workers
    A voucher system allows social workers to spend more time on professional work with clients and therefore make an effective impact on their social situation.
  • A wide network of partner establishments – quality and scope of services
    Vouchers may be used, according to their focus, in a broad network of partner establishments formed in accordance with the requirements of the public institution. The network may include specialized stores and distribution chains. Edenred arranges for the acceptance of vouchers in partner stores.

Where vouchers can be used

Ticket Service voucher holders visit establishments accepting these vouchers.

A list of such establishments can be obtained by beneficiaries when the allowance is disbursed. Shops are marked with the red ball logo of the voucher.

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  • The Ticket Service voucher system is supported by Sections 42–43 of Act No 111/2006 on assistance in material difficulty.
  • Ticket Service vouchers are an in-kind form of subsistence allowance.
  • This in-kind form of benefit disbursement may be used in cases where it is quite obvious that the beneficiary would not use the benefit for the intended purpose.
  • Ticket Service vouchers can also be used for the payment of emergency relief.
  • Ticket Service vouchers can also be provided together with cash disbursements of benefits. The authority responsible for material difficulty matters sets the ratio of cash to non-cash forms of benefit.
  • The allowance is paid monthly. If the beneficiary is clearly incapable of managing a large amount of funds, the subsistence allowance may be provided weekly or daily.